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How should homeowners clean their windows

If your windows haven't been cleaned in a long time, we at Artistic Window Cleaning recommend that for your first cleaning, you get your window cleaned by a professional window cleaner. That will give you a great starting point to work from, and make your window cleaning efforts much easier. After they are professionally cleaned, you can provide routine touch ups and maintenance to keep them clean longer on your own, or until they become too dirty for you to handle. You will only need to purchase a couple of items if you don't already have them around your home. You will only need a few microfiber cloths or other lint free towel and a spray bottle. Our recommended procedure for homeowners is to simply fill a spray bottle with clean water, spray a small amount of water on the microfiber towel and wipe the window with it. Then take a clean dry microfiber towel and dry the window. This technique works best if you use the least amount of water necessary just too barely wet the glass. Make sure you don't over use your dry microfiber cloth to where it gets so dirty as to cause streaks or smudges. It's best to keep using a new area of the drying cloth or using a new one every so often. #howtocleanmywindows

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