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Pure Water Window Cleaning

At Artistic, we don't use traditional out dated window cleaning techniques. We use a state of the art pure water window cleaning system. Pure water cleaning systems are far superior then traditional window cleaning. About 95% of window cleaning companies don't use pure water systems because it’s very costly purchase, operate, and maintain. We also use a special pure water dripless window cleaning system on the interior of the home, again delivering much better results. We believe the extra cost to us is well worth the higher quality job for our customers.

There are major benefits in using pure water cleaning systems; the following are a few of them.


Pure water is the earth's best natural Green cleaning product. Our pure water cleaning system allows us to clean from the ground so there is no need for us to use ladders. With no ladders, there is absolutely no chance of leaving ladder marks on your home. No chance of damage to your lawn or landscaping that is typically caused by ladder use. It’s pure water, it’s environmentally friendly and 100% Green, no soap or solutions that can harm or kill plants, shrubs and lawn. In fact is good for your landscaping. With pure water there is no soap or solution residue left behind on the glass that attracts dirt back onto the window after cleaning, so it lasts much longer, giving you a better value. The system cleans the whole window, the glass, frame and sill. Best of all, it dries spotless, no lint, no smudges, no squeegee marks, just perfectly clear glass. Pure water cleaning is much gentler on the glass, with absolutely no chance of scratching or damaging it.

We also believe, and our core philosophy is, that everyone’s home is to be treated like it is our own home. Besides it delivering the best window cleaning results, we use our pure water cleaning system to assure you that the exterior of your home, your landscaping and the interior of your home is treated and handled in the upmost professional way.  

We have all this in place to offer a higher level of window cleaning service to all our customers and still maintain a great price.


Angie's List Super Service Award Winner 9 Years Running

Years of Angies List Reviews To Prove We Are The Best!

100% Satisfaction Guarantee

No Dangerous Ladder Climbing Or Possible Accident

Leave Dangerous Windows To The Professionals

Owner Operated

Environmentally Frendly

#1 Return For Selling Your Home

Background Checks On All Employees

Fully Insured

Free Estimates

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